“Lalo, thank you so much for our beautiful wedding film, we have seen it over and over many times. You truly are a magician you made our wedding look so beautiful and emotional despite the weather conditions and how worried we were about having to move everything indoors. We will definitely be referring you to our friends and family. Keep doing an amazing job.”
— Lily & Fer

Magic, such an amazing word for describing our work. Actually, I don’t like calling my work magic. Magic is an illusion, making something appear out of nothing.

Every single wedding, no matter how small or big it is, has a story. People often think when they see our films that something must be staged…Spoiler alert!  It´s not.



My job, first of all, begins before the wedding. When I take the time to learn as much as possible about a couple. What do they like? How are they as a couple? Are they the super outgoing social couple? Big partiers? Or maybe they prefer staying home watching a movie eating sushi.

What about family? Are they really close? Are they very independent?

This type of questions help me understand the couple, they let me know how maybe their wedding day will go. Of course we take time also to investigate the wedding venue and who will officiate the ceremony. Are they religiously orthodox? We try to learn as much possible how everything will go down.


Pay attention at details.

All of this questions might make us seem a bit stalker, but trust me everything is on the details. Details are what make beautiful stories. I´ve always said, that it doesn’t matter how big and fancy, or small and simple a couple wants to make their wedding. It’s all on the small details. Simple things as for example, if a bride says that on their prep she will be getting ready with her friends we can always expect lots of laughter. We will be prepared to chase this moments. We wont act them or make them happen. Naturally and with a bit of luck they will happen. Our job is to pay close attention at what is surrounding bride and groom that day.

Details bring out stories, sometimes is a small present like a letter, or a gift, maybe a surprise speech form the grooms father. This things will add details and fun to a story.



Directing is sometimes a scary word for couples. We make movies, but don’t expect us to arrive giving directions to people. We will try to control as much as possible everything we can without bothering anyone. We communicate. Good communication not only to bride and groom, but also to the wedding planner, photographer, priest, pastor, make up artist, wedding band and decorator.

Communication with other vendors is the key to anticipate our filming. A good example is we go with the band and ask them: “Hey guys, I was wondering if you are planning on using your robotic lights on the couple on the first dance.”

Depending on the answer is how we are going to approach our filming. I have met many videographers that don’t want to ask or communicate with anyone. Everyone is working on their own trying to make their job.

I like everyone to know that we are a team. We should look for the best way possible to make everything work for the couple.



This is the most important part of the film process. How are we going to tell the story? We spend days, and when I mean days I really mean it, building a story.

I learned over the years to edit while I´m filming by taking notes on the things that bring a smile or a tear to people at the wedding. Taking notes is part of my personal workflow. This will help me, days latter when I’m sitting on my computer, to remember how people felt at a certain point of the day. Also, what did I like the most.

First will make the story backbone, then comes the soundtrack and tie everything together.

Soundtrack is the cherry on top. Soundtrack shouldn’t move your story, just help set the mood. We often spend many days with our heads banging our desk clicking “next” on iTunes. Eventually a great song for setting the mood will pop up. This believe me or not its one of the most difficult part of editing.



This is a crucial part of the making process. When we spend so much hours and days editing something is natural to become over saturated of it. When we finish a movie we have private screenings with everyone on the team and sometimes colleagues to find out what works and what doesn’t. Maybe we need to fix a couple of things to make it more emotional or fun. This step will give us an outside perspective to see if our movie is everything we expect it to be, fun, emotional and easy to watch.

 If something doesn’t work we go back to the editing process, fix it, then back to the screening again. This is time consuming and it is expected to be.


If everything works then HURRAY! We just have made a beautiful wedding film we will be proud on delivering to the couple and sharing it to the world.